Adults for Adults

We are a group of intellectuals and artists from Europe. We have watched the actions of the European Union with mounting concern. In particular, we are opposed to three trends that we have observed:

1. Pseudo-politics
Today, the European Union is confronted with the task of protecting society against recession, impoverishment, mass unemployment, disunity, and de-democratization. To this end, the major players in the world of private capital must be forced by transnational political regulations to abandon their irrational and destructive behavior and to behave reasonably again.
Instead, however, the tools of EU policymaking are increasingly being misused to make individuals’ lives more difficult. People’s reasonable and increased need for greater security is falsely fulfilled by instituting bans, which are intended only to regulate interpersonal transactions, not macroeconomic conditions, and which are directed against individuals, not truly destructive macro-players.

2. Biopolitics
Instead of adopting measures to bring back social prosperity, the EU is trying to use the health of individuals as an exploitable resource and to realize potential cost savings in this area. However, in light of the experience of the 20th century, it is extremely worrying that anyone should be raising the issue of how much people cost. We reject any discussion of this issue on principle as proto-fascist. No society is so poor that it cannot afford to look after its poor or unproductive people.

3. Patronizing Politics
The politicians of the European Union treat the citizens by whom they have been elected like children. They issue nannyish bans and warnings and, in the near future, they intend to use pictures to show them that smoking is dangerous. But citizens do not need that. They deserve to be treated as adult and mature people. Doing the opposite contributes to a dangerous form of mass education, which tends to transform people into fearful, sad, sensitive, weak, obedient and envious beings who can perceive the happiness of others only as an impediment to their own happiness. The health panic that is spread by EU policies helps to create social disunity and molds individuals who are susceptible to authoritarian policies.